Fall Knitting Classes

After spending a whole awful lot of my summer going to and from Philadelphia for this kid, I am now ready to tackle that thing called Planning Fall Knitting Classes!

It gets tough, adding in classes when I'm working on designs, but really, it's adding in designing while I'm teaching classes, because that chicken came long before the egg. To those of who you have been asking for classes and patiently waiting for things to settle down sufficiently for me to have time to teach them, I say thank you, and I hope you like what I have planned.



Classes for Fall 2014


Beginning Knitting: Saturday, Sept. 27 from 9-11am

Indigo Workshop: Saturday, Oct. 4 from 9-11am

Startin' Off Right: Cast Ons: Saturday, Oct. 18, 10am-noon

Finishin' Strong: Binding Off and (Some) Seaming: Saturday, Nov. 15, 9-11am

For more information on any of them, click on the class and you'll go to the "Current Class Offerings" page on the website, or in the case of the Indigo Workshop, straight to the Museum's calendar listing for the class.  As always, if you have questions or comments, please let me know! It's gonna be a great fall, y'all!