Knitting for homeschoolers!

I have the special privilege during the 2017-2018 school year of offering not one, but two classes to homeschoolers, in hopes of creating whole batches of lifelong knitters!

The awesome homeschool co-op that our family has been a part of for the last few years is making it possible for me to teach Knitting for Grades 6-8 and Knitting for Grades 9-12. Both classes will be very similar; the primary difference will in pacing, as the manual dexterity of older students tends to be more advanced that that of younger kiddos. Our goal will be to cover as much Beginning and Intermediate knitting techniques as possible, with some Advanced skills thrown in toward the end of the sessions where we can. 

There will be a lot of homework, but I'm hopeful that this will be the fun kind of homework, because, well, it's KNITTING. We will learn about the origins of knitting, how yarn is made, and even how to dye yarn (you know I couldn't leave out a day of Indigo Dyeing!). And since these classes are for homeschool kids, we will also talk about knitting math, science, vocabulary, consumer economics, and pattern reading and writing.

I am SO excited!

We will make all sorts of projects: dishcloths, hats, and scarves will get us started. From there the sky's the limit (socks? sweaters? ponchos?) and I fully expect we will have some students knitting up their own designs by the time it's all said and done. 

As a Certified Knitting Instructor trained by the Craft Yarn Council, with 10 years experience teaching knitters of all ages, I will be able to give these students a knitting education that is excellent, accurate and diverse.  As a published knitwear designer, I will be able to show the importance of having a solid technical foundation as a launching pad for unlimited knitting creativity. As a homeschool mom, I will cherish the time I get to spend with these kids.  

Registration opens officially on April 5 and class size is limited. For more info, check out the SHEEP Homeschool Co-op Website: Knitting for Grades 6-8 and Knitting for Grades 9-12