The KnitOasis(news) Newsletter: Volume 3 Coming Soon!

As I am working on the KnitOasis(news) Newsletter for November, I wonder, did you see September and October? I got a lot of great feedback on September's issue, and none for October, so of course, it makes one wonder...the internet can be a capricious place.

In case you missed it, here is the Knitting Tip from October's issue.

Knitting Tip:
Decreases! Can’t live without them, right? Ever wanted a simple way to remember which one leans which way?
When you work a K2tog decrease, your right, or working, needle points to the right, and that will be a right leaning decrease. When you work an SSK, your right needles points to the left, and you guessed, makes a left leaning decrease. It all boils down to learning to “read” your knitting. And practice! Knitting socks is a great way to practice your right and left leaning decreases. Try my (Mostly)Ridge Rib or any other top down sock pattern.

If you are on the mailing list already, can I ask you to do me a favor? Would you think of a knitter you know who would love to get knitting news delivered free to their inbox once a month, and forward your copy of the November newsletter to them? I would appreciate it!

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KnitOasis (news), hot off the presses!

I'm excited, and a little nervous, about this.  Today, the first issue of KnitOasis (news) will be hitting in-boxes across the country (and possibly beyond that, since all I have is an email address, and it could conceivably be ANYwhere!).  As with everything I do, I hope it is a success, and as always, that success will be measured in two ways.

Success Indicator #1:

Do I enjoy it? Is this something that I look forward to doing (or writing)? That brings me some measure of satisfaction? 

Success Indicator #2:

Do y'all enjoy it? Is it something that you look forward to doing (or reading)? That brings you some measure of satisfaction?

I'm always telling you that I'm a pretty simple gal--now do you believe me?

So, please, if you get a chance to read the KnitOasis (news) today or this weekend or next week, could you just send me a message, either by commenting on this post, on FB, via email, via the "contact me" form on the website, by Ravelry message, or by carrier pigeon even.

All it has to say is a simple "yes" or "no". 

"Yes" = you consider it a success

"No" = you don't consider it a success

I have already answered the questions from Success Indicator #1 (YES!), so unless I hear from you, I won't know about #2. It's up to you, and I can't wait to hear from you!


PS: If you didn't get your copy of KnitOasis (news), then send me your email and I'll make sure you do!

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