I am available to teach the ancient art of indigo dyeing to your group or class.

Lessons can include part or all of the following:

  • Welcome, introduction, and how I got started with indigo
  • Brief history of indigo dyeing in the SC Lowcountry and beyond
  • Overview of the process from plant to dye
  • Examples of indigo dyeing techniques
  • Ample time for students to dye
  • Textile items to dye (or bring your own--quilters, artists and spinners love this)

Indigo dyeing is messy! You'll need:  a location with ample running water that won't be harmed by dyestuffs (covered outdoor area, indoor art classroom, etc). You'll get:  a fun, hands-on workshop experience!

Don't want all the mess, but still want to see how it's done? I also give comprehensive demonstrations.

Contact me for more information. Pricing is based on group size and requests. Lessons are appropriate for ages 12 and up. Demos are fun for all ages.