Fixing Mistakes in Knitting

  • panera bread

It doesn't take long when you start knitting to run into things you can't quite figure out how to fix. Maybe you can see that you've dropped a stitch or maybe you look at your knitting and think something doesn't look right, but what?

Come learn how to solve the problems of

  • twisted or split stitches
  • dropped stitches
  • unexpected holes in your knitting
  • knitting that is growing in directions you didn't quite plan

When and Where: Saturday, January 14, 9-11am at Panera Bread, 5070 International Blvd., North Charleston

I will provide a variety of swatches with mistakes for you to practice fixing (this is always strange to knit mistakes on purpose!).

Class fee is $25 per student.

Register in advance by email at knitoasis at gmail dot com or through the FB Events page by January 11.

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