Tamara Evans Goff, Knitter.

At one of my indigo dyeing workshops at the Charleston Museum's Dill Sanctuary.  I love my job!





















When I first picked up the needles I never envisioned all the places my knitting journey would take me.

I began teaching adults and children to knit in 2006.

In 2012, I successfully completed the Craft Yarn Council's Certification course for knitting instructors (both levels--took me a year--learned SO much). I was privileged to have as my adviser, the amazing Evie Rosen.

I have continued my education through classes and books and websites (I adore KnittingHelp.com) and frankly see no end in sight.  There is still so much to learn.

I have organized 7 celebrations of World Wide Knit in Public Day (2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

My teaching path has taken me to a major craft retail chain (rhymes with cycles), coffee shops (even though I switched to tea), private homes (mostly my own, but I'm flexible), churches (some have better chairs than others, just saying), SC Knitting Guild's Knit Inn (oh how I love that yearly weekend in February!), The Village Knittery, and The Charleston Museum.

I have attended and hosted knitting groups, founded the Flowertown Knitting Guild, knit for various charities and conducted free knitting demos at fairs and similar events.

I am all over the web, all as KnitOasis: Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

In October 2013, I took the plunge into the deep deep waters of knitwear design, when after years of wading in the shallow end by writing patterns for classes, I sold two designs to Red Heart, one of the largest yarn companies in North America.  In June 2014, two more patterns were purchased by an up and coming luxury yarn company, LYDIA Yarn.

In June 2013 I was picked as "Knitter of the Month" for Crafter News because I had knit an amazing wrap (the "Tamara" I kid you not) designed by Melissa Leapman.  In October 2013 I met Melissa and learned so much that I'm still processing what she said, months later.

In early 2013 I began my Indigo Journey, teaching dye classes at the Charleston Museum.  After years of working with it, I thinkI have designed the perfect projects (scarf, bag) to showcase my hand-dyed indigo yarn.  Indigo has special historic ties to this wonderful part of the country and it is my delight to be able to share my knowledge of indigo with others as they experiment with the magic of natural indigo dye.

In the last 12 years I have met so many wonderful people through my knitting.  They are the reason I keep coming back, keep moving ahead, keep on knitting.  It is my privilege to be able to share some of their stories and some of their journeys.

I have kept a blog since 2006 and moved toward a knitting-centered blog in 2010.  It seems that four years is a good interval, so in 2014 I have moved here, to my own domain, to a full-grown website.  I intend to keep sharing my knitting journey through the blog here and to make this a home on the web for knitters looking for instruction, patterns, connections, resources, and hopefully, a lot of fun.  An oasis of sorts...