Simple Knitting Tips: Estimate Yarn for Binding Off

In honor of the inaugural session of my new class "Finishin' Strong: Bind-offs and (Some) Seaming, today's Simple Knitting Tip is all about making sure you have enough yarn to bind off.

The first thing to consider if you want to make sure you have enough yarn is this:  buy more yarn than you think you might need. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you are just knitting a scarf and want to use up ALL the yarn, but if you can, buy extra yarn to save yourself some stress.

BUT. If you are in the situation that requires some careful consideration about the amount of yarn leftover, here's a simple rule of thumb trick for estimating how much yarn you'll need to bind off your project.

Wrap the working yarn l-o-o-s-e-l-y around the project 3 times (wrap 4 times if you're paranoid). The amount of yarn it takes to wrap the width of your project those three times is how much yarn you will need to bind off.