Growing pains

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a girl learned to knit.  She was a slow learner.  Very slow.  But she kept at it and eventually caught on that this was Something She Must Always Do.

She began sharing her new-found love with everyone she came in contact with, in order to create a community with a shared passion.  About this time she met people who already knit. They lived in a magical place called the Internet and communicated by a mystical thing called a Blog.  (This was in the dark days before Ravelry and Facebook, young one, so you'll have to use your imagination here.)  She made friends with knitters around the globe because she set up her own Blog as well.  This Blog talked about life and knitting.  And it was good.

As time wore on, she taught more and more of the people around her to knit. She wanted a way to tell them about classes and techniques and cool things about knitting.  So she started another Blog.  This Blog talked about knitting being the center thread of life.  And it was good.

She found that the longer and harder she worked on the Blog about knitting, the more it grew and grew.  It became three blogs and this was a lot to manage and still knit. 

One day she decided that maybe what she really needed was an honest-to-goodness website.  This website would combine the three blogs.  It would be a beautiful place for knitters.  They could come and find news, patterns, classes, tutorials and most of all, Fun! 

And that is how she ended up here, at  She still loves to knit.  She still loves to write about knitting. And now she has a pretty place to put that all together.