Simple Knitting Tips: Lighting

Today's simple knitting tip is about lighting, but it is also about SEEING.

You've all seen it: the homespun illustration depicting Ma knitting by firelight in a log cabin, or maybe a little house on a prairie.  I have always wondered how she managed.  I would have been the pioneer mom who did her chores by firelight and her knitting in the open doorway with the chickens underfoot.  I just need good light to see my stitches.

I like to knit using as much natural light as possible.  There are some who have had success with products like the Ott light, but I've not tried them myself. 

The darker the yarn (and my boys like their yarns dark and conservative-looking), the more light I need.  My solutions are two-fold:

  1. Knit by a window during the day.
  2. Knit something bright during the evening, while sitting next to a lamp.

Why is this not more earth-shattering?  Because:

  1. I do not have an Ott Light
  2. These are Simple Knitting Tips, as opposed to complicated ones.

So much of the stress in my own life comes from over-complicating things (just ask my kids!) and when I can manage to slow-down, take a deep breath, and think clearly about something, very often the solution really is that simple.  Do I feel a tad guilty when choosing the simple solution when all around me are people who are crazily spinning their wheels making life more complicated than it has to be?  Yes, a little.  I figure we are all on a journey and everyone is at different places and probably most of them will work it out that they could relax more and enjoy life. (Certainly if they read my blog they will get tips that will help them, but wisdom comes from acting on the knowledge we have gained...)

My point is--buy special lighting if you need to, sit by a sunny window if you can, and remember to consider all your options, even the ones that seem too easy.  As Red Green always says, "Remember, I'm pulling for ya! We're all in this together!"