Simple Knitting Tips: The Knitting Bag


Those of you who have been knitting since the earth was cooling will find this pretty obvious, so you want to go find a brand new knitter to read this to. Go ahead, I'll wait. 



Find one? Great!! 

This Knitting Tip is indeed super simple, yet vitally important.  If you are a new knitter, one of the first things you need to add to your equipment, after you've mastered the knit stitch, is a knitting bag.  Please, please hear me when I say this knitting bag cannot be a plastic grocery bag.  You have embarked on a journey of fibery fabulousness.  You have learned a new skill.  You have joined the long proud history of People Who Make Things.  You are a Knitter!  You deserve a nice sturdy bag to carry your knitting things around with you to knitting classes and knitting groups and in the car on trips. In knitting, as in so many things, you can spend a lot or you can spend a little.  So it goes with a knitting bag.  It doesn't have to be a $300 Brahmin tote that you have converted into yarn and needle storage (but it can be, because, Brahmin!).  It can be $5 canvas bag from the craft store that says "Crafts".  It can be anything in between.  

One of my first knitting bags <3

One of my first knitting bags <3


Some things to look for in a knitting bag:

  • Not flimsy plastic grocery bag!
  • Solid construction. No holes that knitting needles can fall through. Or poke through!
  • Either many pockets or none at all. This is a matter of preference.
  • Size is not crucial.  Once you've been knitting awhile, you will acquire larger bags into which you will stuff the smaller bags that you use for one project.
  • Quantity is not crucial. I started with one.  Now?  Let's just call it "less than 100."
  • Can be handmade: knitted, crocheted, or sewn are all lovely. If it needs a lining to make it solid, be sure to add it.
  • It should make you smile when you see it and use it.  Knitting is your new, exciting, rewarding hobby.  Enjoy it, enjoy your knitting bag(s) and welcome to the family,  you Knitter, you!