Finish for Fall: The Finish

"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men/Gang aft agley..."***                                             To The Mouse by Robert Burns


We studied this poem in school and I'll never forget our teacher reading it off as written in the Scottish-y dialect that only Robert Burns ever seemed to get away with. In fact, I hear this line in my head, in her voice, to this day (many many years later) when plans don't go as I had expected.

I hear it in my head now.  My plan for Finish for Fall included a Total Organization of ALL Yarn and Yarn-Related Items.  It was a good plan, and while I did make progress, I didn't make all the progress I had wanted to make. I have to decide that, for now, this is OK. I managed to complete some projects, frog some others, and recover many needles and stitch markers.  I donated a bag of yarn and accessories and I ended up with a bag full of now empty knitting bags. I also have the resolve to not fill all those bags back up with half-finished work, then shove them in the closet. To date, of the 14 projects I found, only 4 remain. They are on the back burner, but having seen them recently, I can't soon forget them. And it's OK.

The journey is sometimes as important as the destination, and in this case, the fact that I was able to travel on this journey with YOU made it special and I am extremely glad to have undertaken it.

***Less Scottish: "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

Some of the yarn I rediscovered <3

Some of the yarn I rediscovered <3