Listener Mail!

Greetings and welcome to the portion of our show we like to call Listener Mail! Our loyal listeners have shared with us their insights and tips and now we will share them with all of you out there in radio land....

OK, clearly, I've heard one too many old radio shows in my time! Seriously, though, here are some Reader Comments on recent blog posts that I thought you'd all enjoy.

The post "Things knitting has taught me..." sparked some thoughts from a few of you:

I think knitting has taught me that one common thread (errr yarn) can bring people together. Finding out someone else is a stitcher can spark an instant connection, and I've made so many friends through knitting! Was just reflecting on this a few days ago when I met someone from out of town. She pulled out her needles and we instantly found things to talk about.--Ashley from The Feisty Redhead

I agree with Ashley, especially since knitting is how we met to begin with!

Knitting has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone. I am a new knitting blogger and I am finishing up the CYC Instructor course to teach at Michaels in Missouri. I am enjoying reading your blog, I think you provide a unique perspective.--Sarah at Cashmere Wishes and Angora Dreams

So true, Sarah! I find it empowers other areas of my life to learn new things about knitting. And props to you on the CYC course--excellent program! And shucks, thanks :) Your blog is beautiful. I also LOVE this from your blog: "Life lesson #1 that knitting has taught me: IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE BEAUTIFUL." That right there just makes my day!

And there's this from Lisa:

Knitting has a miraculous way of calming my spirit, and provides reassurance that all is well...

And from Arrylee:

Knitting has taught me patience.

Isn't it the truth, Ladies? If I had known knitting would have had such a good affect on me, I'd have learned much sooner!

Comments from the Instagram feed included this from sweet Pam:

That I'm not very good, need to practice more, better at crochet😢, but this is beautiful!😊 I'd really like to get better!

And this extremely philosophical note from Mblawson01:

That you need to see the big picture but don't forget the pleasure in the details.

That will make you think!


Last Friday's post on "How to Knit (More); plus a free recipe" brought this from Ashley:

Haha, I love it! I just wrote an article for Craftsy about more time for knitting and it included things like devoting an hour each night to knitting, knitting with friends, and other boring ideas that won't get me out of cleaning, cooking, and driving. This list is way more fun!

She's right, her article is chock-full of actual advice. I highly recommend it!

I'm still waiting to hear whether anyone tried my free recipe :)


Thank you to all who wrote in! Keep those cards and letters coming...or at least keep the comments on the posts coming--I love them!