New Year's Knit-o-lutions

Happy New Year!

I'm not really a resolution maker, being of the type who prefer to set goals instead. Cuz that's not the same thing AT ALL.

This year, I resolve to call it what it is and make some New Year's Knitting Resolutions or Knit-o-lutions, if you will.

  • I resolve to knit a sweater that will last my teen son more than one winter--and finish it before he outgrows it.
  • I resolve to start Christmas knitting well before October 1. Just as soon as I finish 2014's Christmas knitting...
  • I resolve to obsess less over the designs of new patterns.
  • I resolve to be more honest about my need to obsess over designs. After all, who am I kidding? I want them ALL to be perfect!
  • I resolve to be more brave about sending my little darlings off to be considered for publication, accepting that a rejected pattern isn't a personal affront. (It's not, right? Please tell me it's not!)
  • I resolve to conquer a knitting technique that I am not...fond of.  At least one--there are several.
  • I resolve to follow my own advice and plan more knitting time into my schedule.

What about you? Resolutions or Goals? Do you make them for your knitting?