Bootleggers, rum runners and knitters

So I'm reading this book about "Jazz Age" Manhattan and since it's such a big interesting book, I'm sort of immersing myself in the time period. In pondering the ins and outs of what we remember about the 1920's, I'm seeing a lot about Prohibition, night clubs, jazz, urban construction, disreputable leadership and a hero who flew a long ways all alone.

Thus far I have encountered no mention of knitting. Not one. Why then, do I even bring it up? It's not that there were no knitters in the Roaring Twenties, it's just that, sandwiched between the First World War and the Great Depression, both times of increased knitting activity, knitting just wasn't as big during the Jazz Age. Being a student of history, I understand that things ebb and flow in popularity.

This all makes me 90 years when historians look back on our time, will there be NO mention of knitting? Will it be such a small part of life in the first part of the new century that it will be forgotten? Or will it go on record as having had a resurgence in popularity that endured despite the ups and downs of the economy and the ubiquitous nature of technology and the "plugged in" generation?

Will Knit in Public events and charity knit-a-longs and enormous knitting conventions make a blip in the history books? Will we be remembered as the generation that brought back the art of making things by hand?

While it is impossible to know the answers to these questions for several generations, what IS possible is for us to do all we can to make sure that knitting does get that mention. It really is up to you and me to make history--this year and next year and for as long as we have the opportunity to make a difference of any type. It's up to us to knit for charity, to learn all we can about knitting, to spread that knitting know-how far and wide and to leave a lasting impact on future generations. When my great-great-grandchild writes the history of the southern United States, 2000-2030, I want it to be written, to be remembered, that we were knitters in our time. I want it to be written that we changed the world for the better, just by picking up sticks and string.

We can do it! Who's with me?