Travel through Time and Space? No problem!



The idea of time travel has captured the imagination since before H.G. Wells' The Time Machine made it a household name. If only we could travel to the past and prevent wars; or travel to the future and bring back cures to common illnesses.

Dr. Who fans know that with the TARDIS, the Doctor has upped the game a bit--travel in space AND time. The TARDIS looks a lot like a blue police call box, but is able to transport its occupants to any point in time and space. There are lots of knobs and gauges and lights inside (in fact, it's way bigger on the inside) and it has taken the Doctor and his companions on many adventures for many years.

Big blue police box aside, I think I have found the key to traveling through time and space, by flying home to attend my high school reunion! I'll be doing that this month, and knowing some of my high school friends, after I have traveled through air space to get from here to there, it will feel exactly like I have traveled back in time. I am so blessed to have friends who make it seem like no time has passed since we last hung out together. It really does feel like we have turned back time.

If you don't have a high school reunion to attend (I have been told that this is a strictly American phenomenon) you could try this:

Buy my shiny new pattern and knit yourself some TARDIS Socks! It's a long shot and not guaranteed to enable time travel, but frankly I think it's worth the try. These socks have been approved by my resident Dr. Who fan (my 14 year old son, who isn't likely to approve them just to make me feel better) and by others in my circle who saw me knitting them and immediately wanted to know when the pattern would be available.