Red Scarves (finally) on their way!


I did it! I finally mailed off the scarves that had been waiting to go to the Red Scarf Project for the last 3 years. With all that has happened here at KnitOasis HQ the last few Autumns, I’m cutting myself the slack I think I need to be able to just BE HAPPY ABOUT IT and not beat myself up over how LONG it took me to box them up.

I admit one of my motivators was an awesome knitting group that contacted me with the fruits of their own knitting for the Red Scarf Project. Here is the email I received:

Hi Tamara! My name is Mary Ellen Graham and I live in Upstate NY. I saw on the internet about the Red Scarf Project for Foster kids. Love it! My daughter and her husband have fostered children for many years. They were even fortunate to be able to adopt one that they had received at 8 days old. This project caught my interest. 
Last year ( Oct. 2017) I joined a group of women who wanted to learn to knit. We have a great person who was willing to share with us her talent and love of knitting. 
When I saw your project, I decided to do it and I shared the info with the women in my group. Everyone jumped on the band wagon! We have knitted and I have collected about 12 scarves. Some followed your pattern. Others wanted to do their own thing. I hope they will be acceptable. They are all redscarves. 
Our group has all levels of knitters. We all just love the cause and wanted to help out.

Mary Ellen Graham knitting group red scarves.JPG

Aren’t you inspired? Want to join in as well? My most recent design for the project is the Sandy Scarf, available through Ravelry. And to celebrate my getting my box mailed (!), from now till Dec. 15 (the deadline for sending in more scarves this year) you can get the pattern for half price!