Knit Inn 2k18

Every year I am so grateful for the SC Knitting Guild's annual knitting weekend. I get to see old friends, I get to make new ones, I get to TEACH! Plus there is knitting, wine, and fun. This year I taught my Sandy Scarf, named for my friend Sandy at last year's Knit Inn (Her: "What are you calling that new design you're working on?" Me: "I don't have a name yet." Her: "You should name it after me." [laughs] Me: "Ok I will!"). It's a fun pattern to teach and I'm glad to be able to honor Sandy with a pattern, since if it weren't for her, I might never have sold The Reversible Cable Wrap or the Carousel Hat to Red Heart. Y'all need friends like that your life, trust me!

Huge shout out to all the hard-working organizers who put this event on every year. 

And to whomever set off the fire alarm at 2am...why?? lol