Indigo Bags for sale!


Natural cotton canvas is lovingly hand-dyed in natural Indigo in Charleston, SC, the location of the first successful Indigo plantations in Colonial America. Emblazoned with the symbol of the state of SC, this 15" x 16" tote bag will quickly become your favorite go-to bag for shopping in the historic Charleston market, trips to the beautiful Charleston beaches or wherever you roam. Durable and sturdy, with 21" handles that make it comfortable carrying as a shoulder or hand bag, this unique, one of a kind bag will be sure to get notice due to the richness of the indigo dye. 

The Indigo we use is natural, pre-reduced Indigo to achieve the depth of color that only natural Indigo produces. As the bags emerge from the Indigo vats, they are a vivid green, turning blue only as the oxygen hits the fabric and causes the magic chemical reaction unique to dyeing with Indigo.

Design in one side of bag, other side is solid blue.

Available for $20 plus shipping (unless you're local, in which case I'll deliver!) from my Etsy shop