Birthday Giveaway!

My birthday is in April and as far back as I can remember, birthdays have been a big deal for me. This year is no exception and to celebrate I am having a birthday month giveaway!

To enter, all you have to do is knit, give or share. Sounds easy, right? Knit: for our Big 10 Charity Knit-a-Long (I will accept crochet, as well). Give: to the charity we have chosen to receive the blankets we make in our Knit-a-Long, the Carolina Youth Development Center. Share: about the Birthday Giveaway by Tweeting, posting to Facebook and sharing on Instagram, using the hashtag #knitoasisbday

Receive one entry by doing one of these things during the month of April:

1. Knit an afghan block. One block = one entry

2. Give a wish list item to CYDC. One item = one entry

3. Share about our promo on social media, using the hashtag #knitoasisbday. Two shares = one entry

Social media sites to use: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter Remember that your social media sharing settings will need to be set to public for these posts so I can find them.

There is no limit to the number of entries you can have. On May 1, I will put all the entries into a giant knitting bag and have the winner drawn by whichever family member is available at the time (they aren't eligible to win, after all). Winner will be notified by email that day.

What will the winner win??

I'm still piling up the prizes, but so far we have gorgeous yarn, a beautiful project bag, a free private lesson with yours truly, random knitting goodies and more. My philosophy here is, what would *I* want to win?  Hopefully it will entice *you * as well!

Stay tuned and keep knitting. This promotion starts on April 1, which is only a few days away!