A hat pattern fit for a kid (or a grown-up!)

When children are small, they love the idea of being able to match a favorite person. A hat just like Mom's or Dad's or Aunt Sue's or even big sister, is a fun way for a child to feel connected. (I remember wearing a lot of hand-me-downs as a kid, but I don't think it's the same thing AT ALL.)

This pattern comes in two sizes and is quick to knit--partially because it's a hat, and hats are fast, partially because working the twisted stitch patterns is all at takes to make the cute "carousel" design, the bulk of the project being stockinette stitch in the round!

My thinking is this: Wouldn't this make for an adorable Mommy/Child project for Mother's Day? Two matching hats gifted for a wee one and mommy, or even a fun project for a mother and child (grown or otherwise) to make as a knit-a-long. Cute, right?

Well I have good news and better news; I just can't decide which is which!  I'll call them News A and News B.

News A: I'll be teaching the techniques to make this hat in class on Saturday, April 30 from 2-4 pm in North Charleston.

News B: The pattern is a free download from Red Heart Yarns.

Also, pompoms are super cute on top!