Simple Knitting Tip: Share your passion

As a knitter, I like very much to see what other knitters are doing. I like Monday Morning knitting group (this week's was so much fun!), Knit Night (coming up--July 14!) and big events like World Wide Knit in Public Day, so I can take close up, in person looks at other knitters' projects. 

I also like to see pictures of knitting, of patterns in process, of new yarn, of favorite knitting tools and even projects that are headed to time out for being bad in the online world.  Because I am passionate about my knitting, I share it, so finding other passionate sharers of knitting is a real treat. I have bonded online countless times with knitters frustrated over challenging techniques, and shared the joys of completed projects that are finally done. 

Today I want to encourage you, if you knit and have a smart phone, to consider sharing your knitting with the rest of us. It's so encouraging to see what my fellow knitters are making.

Setting up a social media account is easy and mostly painless. It's a quick way to put your pics online and show off your knitting. In addition to Ravelry (just for fiber artists), Twitter (pics, but words are limited to 140 characters), Instagram (pics! and unlimited words), Pinterest (pics, patterns, tutorials, recipes, decorating ideas,'s pretty huge!), and others like Tumblr (sort of a way to blog).

If knitting is your passion, sharing that passion with others will inspire and encourage. It's a lovely way to connect, too!