Simple Knitting Tips: Use Your Smarts

I prefer, when shopping for clothes, to take along my daughter or a friend who can give me an objective opinion of the items I try on. Sometimes the mirror and my brain gang up on me and make me see things that aren't there, or not see things that are. If I suck in my stomach and stand just right, those pants look perfect, since they're on sale after all, right? When I have someone else to see from a different perspective (and be honest) then I make fewer bad decisions at the mall. Now that there are smart phones, if I'm shopping alone I take a pic and send it to my daughter for her input. Sometimes, just taking the pic and looking at it before I send it will tell me what the mirror failed to mention. And so it seems to be with knitting...

Beyond the obvious benefits of taking pics of your knitting to post on your Ravelry projects page (which I know you are doing faithfully), taking pics of your knitting while in progress can help you have an objective view of how a pattern is working or whether the color combos you have chosen are really truly compatible.

Even in the days before smart phones, we took pics of blanket layout ideas when knitting patchwork blankets. This is my The Geese, They Are A-Flyin Afghan. I took this pic after knitting a couple of the strips to see how they would look together.

Here's my Log Cabin blanket (aka The Little Test Block that Grew), pre-sew up, with cat. As handsome as he is (and he IS handsome, isn't he?), taking his pic wasn't the point. The point was: Will these squares look good next to those squares? Bonus: This photo will remind me of our layout decision after I pick it all up off the floor. Also, my cat is gorgeous.

Here is my Charleston Indigo Scarf in mid-test knit. I needed to take a pic to see if it was really as pretty as I thought it was.


So today's Simple Knitting Tip is to Use Your Smarts--smart phones, that is. Snap a quick photo of how it's knitting up and catch issues before it's too late to fix them. Snap a pic and never forget the colors you meant to put next to one another. Snap a pic and remember that the cat likes hand knits...but then you probably already knew that.