The KnitOasis(news) Newsletter: Volume 3 Coming Soon!

As I am working on the KnitOasis(news) Newsletter for November, I wonder, did you see September and October? I got a lot of great feedback on September's issue, and none for October, so of course, it makes one wonder...the internet can be a capricious place.

In case you missed it, here is the Knitting Tip from October's issue.

Knitting Tip:
Decreases! Can’t live without them, right? Ever wanted a simple way to remember which one leans which way?
When you work a K2tog decrease, your right, or working, needle points to the right, and that will be a right leaning decrease. When you work an SSK, your right needles points to the left, and you guessed, makes a left leaning decrease. It all boils down to learning to “read” your knitting. And practice! Knitting socks is a great way to practice your right and left leaning decreases. Try my (Mostly)Ridge Rib or any other top down sock pattern.

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