Guest Blogger: Josie on Knitted Lace (and Lace Knitting)

Since Josie will be guest-teaching a lace class (Saturday, May 23, click HERE for more info. Sign up soon!) I talked her in to guest-blogging today. It didn't take much was more like, Hey do you want to guest-blog? and she said Yes. She's cool like that.


I LOVE CHARTS! Since doing my first chart project a few years ago I've been hooked. I'm reluctant now to even bother with a pattern that doesn't include a chart. I'm a very visual person so I personally work faster with a chart then without. I hope that with this class I will be able to pass on my love of charts and lace to you! You'll need to bring either post it notes, chart tape, or a fancy magnetic board to stay on track.

I've devised a pattern that can be made into a spa cloth or a lovely scarf. I recommend bringing 100% cotton worsted wight yarn and size 7 needles if you wish to make the spa cloth. (Size 8 if you are a VERY tight knitter). A different blend of yarn in a larger quantity would make a nice scarf.  You'll also NEED some stitch markers.

Also here's the low down on the redundant title, it's not. Knitted Lace has pattern rows on every row. Lace Knitting on every other row. Lucky for us, our project for Saturday at the Panera Bread in North Charleston from 9-11 has both kinds. :)