A Day in The Life: Baking Cookies


Today I'm baking some cookies. In my head, they were going to be cut into the shape of graduation** caps, but apparently Graduation Cap Cookie Cutters are not a thing. So I am opting for stars, because all graduates are Rock Stars and should be celebrated as such. There was some talk of using the bizarre Santa/penguin cookie cutter, just because it's so much like a summer cloud in that if you squint, it looks like pretty much anything you imagine (a graduate in cap and gown??), but I like stars, so stars it is.

Today I have been planning some classes for summer, this being the last week of May. The month has gotten away with me some. When you are working so hard at living in denial** as I have, it's easy for days and weeks to slip right by you. I'm thinking of teaching, in addition to another round of Beginning Knit and Super Socks, an I-Cord class, appropriately titled "I Heart I-Cord" since I do indeed heart I-cord. More on that when the classes go on the schedule!

After some laundry (more than usual, thanks to being busy planting flowers in the yard on the Memorial Day holiday yesterday) I did a bit of cleaning. Knowing we will have company this weekend has spurred me on to tidy up more than I normally do. I'm hoping that the overall effect will be one of welcome and hospitality. 

After dinner, I will finally settle down to do some knitting. Yesterday evening I finished my project from Josie's lace class, so today I am working on that new bag pattern I'm writing, using mitered squares and some mathematically pleasing stripes and lots of shades of blue. (I can't wait to show it to you!)

The lace project was actually very fun to knit. This surprises me a little because I've never found complicated lace to be fun. I did, in all honesty, have to hone my tinking skills a bit, but it was easily done and now I have the most elegant spa cloth I've ever seen, much less made.  I would love to make a longer version in something drapey for a scarf. Am currently goading the writer of said pattern to list it on Ravelry so the rest of you can love it as much as I do.

M  y finished spa cloth, before blocking, "Cygnus Lace" pattern by Josie Goff, in KnitPIcks "Dishie".

My finished spa cloth, before blocking, "Cygnus Lace" pattern by Josie Goff, in KnitPIcks "Dishie".

Since I put a big batch of vegetable soup in the slow cooker this morning after coming back from my morning walk, I will most likely make biscuits as well. For years I had used a recipe for biscuits that came from a very early episode of Martha Stewart when she had a guest Southerner on the show, making biscuits. It's a good recipe and has served us well, but this recipe I found on Allrecipes.com is now the ONLY biscuit recipe I will use. The biscuits are amazing--flaky and slightly buttery and still fresh the next day if you have leftovers, still moist and delicious, hot or cold.

It's not really the right weather for vegetable soup, being hot as blue blazes outside, but it's always the right weather for vegetables. Also, it is an excellent excuse to make biscuits.

So the house smells amazing (vegetable soup AND cookies? Yum!) and I hope that your day has gone well and you too, manage to get in some knitting before bedtime.


**graduation, denial....yes, my baby graduates this week. I am trying to be brave...