Mr. Deeds Wears a Cap: A New Pattern and a Sale

My love of old movies is certainly no secret. I have been a classic film buff since they used to show them on Saturday mornings on the non-network channel (Yes, I am old). The geometric and art deco designs that were used as set decor are so enchanting. I think my love of interesting lamps and clocks comes from old movies, plus there's just something about a man in a suit and hat.

It should come as no surprise then that while watching "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" (1936) recently, I fell in love with this amazing bank of windows in the courtroom scene:

Mr. Deedsin court.jpg

When lines and patterns catch my eye, I always wonder if I can turn them into knitted designs, don't you?

And so I did:

With a stranded Fair Isle class on the schedule, I decided that it would be lovely to have a pattern of my very own to teach, making this hat an excellent choice for a beginner project.

Available starting today in my Ravelry shop, its release is cause for a celebratory sale! Buy it and get any one other item for 1/2 off, from now till the end of August. 

Enjoy and I can't wait to see how your Mr. Deeds turns out!