Simple Knitting Tools: The KnitOasis Bag

Announcing the KnitOasis bag!! Order yours today!

It's important, as a knitter, to have a secure, reliable way to haul your precious cargo (knitting). I tell my beginning students that carrying your newly-discovered hobby around in a plastic grocery bag is no way to live.

There are lots of great bags out there, plus, as a knitter, you can KNIT your own bag (I have a workshop coming up soon to do just that, in fact!).

Nothing beats a good canvas bag however and when that bag sports the logo of your favorite knitting resource, then you're going to love carrying your knitting in it!


These bags measure 14" x 14" x 3" and are made of 100% natural 8oz cotton. The logo is printed on one side in black and palm tree green. I've been using mine for 3 months and it still looks great! It's roomy enough for several projects, your knitting accessories, your wallet, a water bottle and a sweater (since the coffee shop can sometimes be chilly). The straps are long enough to slip over my shoulder, which helps when I'm trying to get my knitting bag out of the car while wrangling an excited dachshund.

To get your KnitOasis bag, just email me at knitoasis at gmail dot com or message me on the Facebook page or send a carrier pigeon with a note tied to its tiny pigeon toes.

Your cost? Only $15, which includes shipping and tax (if you're local). There will be a small postage fee added for shipping out of the area, depending on how far you live from glorious Charleston.