Hey, Hey It's a Dalek Beret!

Inspired by the Daleks from Dr. Who (ok, maybe scared silly by them would be more accurate), I created this bobble beret. It makes use of three different bobble construction techniques, because, being the teacher I am, I wanted to give my students a lot to learn. Combined with the bit of cable and the seed stitch, this hat has texture aplenty. 

And if you want to walk around saying "Exterminate" in a cyborg voice while wearing it, I'll totally understand.

You can find my Hey, Hey It's a Dalek Beret on Ravelry here and if you're a savvy shopper you'll snatch it up now. To celebrate the release of this pattern, I'm having a sale on all patterns in my Ravelry shop. Just use the coupon code DALEK from now until the end of June and receive 40% off any pattern.