I-Cord: To Know It Is To Heart It

We've all used I-Cord for purse handles and blanket edgings, right? It's tidy, quick to knit and makes a nifty tube. You can knit yards of this tube and coil it and make coasters and place mats. You can sew it onto things and spell out the name of your beloved. You can make a jump rope and get in your daily cardio!

I have discovered that I-Cord is much more than a stand-alone tube, and of course I want to share it with you, so I developed an exciting new class. In this class you can learn a few of the amazing ways you can use I-Cord.

We cover:

  • I-Cord Cast On and Bind Off
  • Knitting with built in I-Cord
  • Knitting reversible 2-color I-Cord
  • Using I-Cord to make buttonholes
  • And more!

By using all of these I-Cord tricks, you can make this fun mug cozy. It's an afternoon well-spent, I tell you. Does anyone else see this as holiday gift material??

More info on the inaugural session of this class here.

More info on how to I-Cord here.

I can't wait to show you all the fun things you can do with I-Cord. I know you'll heart it as much as I do!